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10 September 2010 @ 08:46 am
You Are The Conversation, I am The Game (part 1) (fanfiction-Bleach)  
Title: You Are The Conversation, I am The Game (part 1)
Author: slash4femme
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing/Category: eventually Urahara/Ichigo, and Chad/Uryuu
Rating: PG-13
Warning: talk of religion, a tiny bit of divergence from cannon
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, I do not make money off of doing this. The only thing I'm getting out of this is pure unadulterated creative enjoyment and less hours for me to spend doing my real work.
Summary: Urahara slowly comes to terms with being in the human world
Author Note: beta read by rionarch so any mistakes still here are totally on me. Written for bleachbigbang

Part 1


It was a beautiful day, clear and cool with just enough of a breeze to make the air feel crisp and clean. It had rained the night before and the grass was still a little wet, it made his skin prickle a little but not unpleasantly so. Kisuke looked up at the exceptionally blue sky and sighed. He turned his head to the side closing his eyes to block out the view. It had been so long since he’d taken a break last. Kisuke would be the first to admit that he could be obsessive when it comes to a project he was working on, but he’s been pushing himself particularly hard this last year. He has every reason to; there are people’s lives that depend on him figuring this out. For the last year he’s been working flat out, leaving his makeshift lab rarely, only sleeping when he passes out and only eating when either Yoruichi or Tessai bullies him into it. Every time he starts to feel as if it’s hopeless and he will never find away to reverse hollowification he reminds himself that one year is not that long. Reminds himself that he has lived a hundred years already, and throws himself back in to work.

He doesn’t know what’s wrong with him today. What had driven him out of the tiny lab into the field behind the decrepit shop they’d bought on the edge of town. His gigai feels stranger then normal; even more muffling and stifling then usual. Everything feels less intense in it like his whole being has been wrapped in wool or perhaps dropped in a giant sock. Having created it he knows he’s feeling no more or less then what humans feel everyday, but it’s so much less then he’s used to and some days he has better luck dealing with it then others. He idly rubs his hands across his arms as if trying to make this body fit him better. Not that it helps of course. He sighs again and gets up finally, trying to brush some of the wet grass off of himself. He won’t accomplish anything lying around feeling sorry for himself. Then he remembers that it wasn’t like he was accomplishing anything anyway, and lets his body go limp, flopping down into the grass again. He stares up at the sky and tries hard not to think, about anyone or anything. Not that it works, not that it ever works.

I am never going home.

He clenches his hands into the cheap fabric of his haori.

Someone pokes him in the side, none too gently either.

“Are you just planning on lying there all day?” Yoruichi frowns down at him.

“Maybe” Kisuke tries not to sound whiny and fails, “it’s not like I’m getting anything done anyway.”

“So do something else.” Yoruichi crosses her arms over her chest, looking strange and slightly ridiculous in kimono. They’ve all been putting special effort into blending in with the humans and all failing in completely different ways.

He rolls his head a little to the side to look at her, “Like what?”

“I don’t know.” She makes a frustrated noise at him, “you’re the one with all the big ideas.”

“Yeah.” He looks back up at the sky again. A moment later the grass ripples and bends as Yoruichi settles next to him.

“I know you blame yourself.” She says softly her voice having become much more gentle, “Even though it’s stupid because this isn’t your fault. None of this is your fault.” It’s her turn to sigh, drawing her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them. “I know this is going to sound strange but you’ve just been working on this too hard. Take a break, take a step back. Work on something else for a while.”

“You’re right.” He rolls over and props his head up on one hand bracing his elbow on the ground. “I know you’re right.”

Yoruichi nods then reaches across and squeezes his hand. “You’ll figure it out Kisuke. I know you will.”

He forces a tiny smile for her, and she nods once and lets go of his hand. They sit together in silence, Kisuke looking up at the sky Yoruichi staring back at the shop.

“You miss her.” Yoruichi turns to look at him sharply the statement seeming to have come out of nowhere. “Soi Fung,” Kisuke turns a little to so he can look at her, “You miss her.”

Yoruichi stares at him for a moment and then her eyes drop away and she begins plucking at the grass by her feet. “Yes. Yes I do.” She sighs a little and wraps her arms around her knees again, “but this is more important. Being here, helping you figure this out, is more important.”

He’s not convinced that’s actually true but he doesn’t say it. Yoruichi has been his best friend since he was six, he’s not going to make this harder for her, besides a very selfish part of him is glad she’s here. Glad he at least has a couple friends. He stands up again, brushing grass off his clothing and then holds out his hand to her.

“Come on, Tessai probably made dinner by now.”


They had realized quite soon after coming to the living world that they would need their own place. Rented rooms just weren’t going to cut it for the kind of work Kisuke had in mind specially after he blew a rather large hole in the floor six months in. Their landlord had kicked them out and had their names circulated around to everyone else so that no one made the same mistake.

It was then that they’d bought the shop. It was cheap and on the outskirts of town far away from everyone else, which was its only two redeeming features. Besides that it was small, cramped, run down and got infested by every insect in a ten mile radius when the weather so much as looked like it was getting warm. “You need to help me do something about this.” Tessai has his arms cross and is looking at Kisuke in a way that clearly says a charming smiles and well timed excuse about that gigi research he still has to do will not get him out of this one. Kisuke sighs and looks up at the roof, which is pouring water into every room of the shop. In fact he thinks it might be raining harder inside then out at this point. There are pots and buckets all over the floor but they’re doing absolutely no good at all- the floor is still a soggy mess.

At least the rain made a pleasant change from the heat, Kisuke thought nudging their rice pot with his toe, it had been unreasonably hot in the shop for the least week, maybe twice the temperature it was outside. It was unnatural and he should look into it sometime.

“What do you expect me to do about it?” Kisuke wonders if he needs to point out that he had absolutely no prior knowledge of carpentry. Actually neither of them do. They both stare up at the ceiling with the water pouring down and Tessai rubs his chin thoughtfully.

“We should probably go outside and try to patch it.”

This time Tessai sighs and Kisuke rubs one hand through his slightly damp hair. They look at each other and then trudge outside. Tessai get the ladder and Kisuke climbs up onto the roof, promptly slips and falls off, before climbing back up again. Tessai went to get supplies to patch the holes while Kisuke pokes at them and tries to avoid the parts of the roof where it’s likely he’ll go right through and end up in the shop again.

Three hours later they’d made very little progress and Kisuke had a hard time seeing what he was doing due to the fact that his hair is now plastered to his face.

“What are you two doing?” He looked down to see Yoruichi looking up at them from the ground.

“Patching the roof?” Kisuke offers, trying to scrape wet blond hair off his forehead.

“Aren’t you supposed to wait until after it stops raining to do that?” Yoruichi sounds like she’s going to burst out laughing any minute. Kisuke weighs the satisfaction he would feel if he threw the hammer at her against the force of her probable retaliation and chooses to glare wetly instead.

“That actually makes sense.” Tessai packed the tools back into a box and heads for the ladder. Kisuke crossed his arms over his chest and tried to blow hair out of his eyes. He can’t help but pout a little as he looks up at the sky noting the rain hasn’t abated even a little. He may just have to get used to being wet for a while. Either that, he thought as he climbed carefully down the ladder, or take a page out of Shunsui’s book and get himself a hat.

(Part 2)
Hiruma Musouka | 昼間夢想家: Bleach in generalprismdropz on September 10th, 2010 08:19 pm (UTC)
I am so thrilled to see this fic up! I'll have to get back to you with a more thorough comment later though since I'm at college and busy right now.
slash4femme: Bleach: Urahara looking sexyslash4femme on September 12th, 2010 05:47 pm (UTC)
I'm thrilled that you're thrilled. I've been busy too so I get that. Hopefully I will be rounding up my artists soon and I will have some fabulous art to go with the fic.