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The Erosion of the Fourth Wall

So I've been long absent from this journal and fandom has a whole, the publishing, and graduate school has been eating my time. Along with that I have been increasingly more active on other kinds of social media (twitter and tumblr) which has made me sadly neglect this journal. I have recently however had some fandom thoughts and I thought I might as well share them with you all.

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NCIS: Timothy McGee

A Temporary Home (fanfiction-NCIS)

Title: A Temporary Home
Author: slash4femme
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing/Category: Timothy McGee (character study)
Rating: PG-13
Warning: a little angst
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, I do not make money off of doing this. The only thing I'm getting out of this is pure unadulterated creative enjoyment and less hours for me to spend doing my real work.
Summary: Time takes some time off to write and think
Author Note: ubeta'd, sorry folks. Just a quick character study I did on the fly. I am slowly but surely getting back into fanfiction writing

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Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before

This Side of the Tracks

-so lots and lots of important life stuff happening to me over the last few weeks. My sister had her baby about a week ago so I've been spending lots of time with her and her husband and her new son, hanging out and helping her do cooking and cleaning. A friend I've known since she was about four got married over the weekend. It was a lovely day, sunny but with a nice breeze off the lake, everything was outside, she seemed extremely happy. I also saw some people I haven't seen in about seven years and caught up on what they're all doing in their adult lives now. Very interesting to see where people ended up.

-I have been working on two fanfic stories a long Spock Prime/McCoy one I'm writing with reixgaara and another which will when it's done by my first ever Sarek/Amanda fic, or probably more accurately Amanda/Sarek.

-I am continuing to work on the original fiction/publishing whatnot and getting ready to move at the end of the summer, again. So we will see how things go.
Star Trek Reboot: Team Science

Pimping an Art Sale!

Hey all,
so Joanna Estep is an extremely talented and wonderful artist along with being a really nice person. Unfortunately she's been having some bad financial troubles so is selling prints of her Avengers and Thor art over on Tumblr. If you are at all interested in Avengers, Thor or Norse mythology art head over there, and support her. I've already decided to buy two myself.

Post About What Prints are for Sale 1
Post About What Prints are for Sale 2

The print sale is over but hopefully there will be another one in September. If so I'll post about that when it happens.
Star Trek TOS: Spock

Before and After (fanfiction-Star Trek)

Title: Before and After  
Author: slash4femme
Pairing: Spock Prime character study with past Spock/McCoy 
Universe : Star Trek Reboot/ Star Trek movie-era
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mentions of canonical character death (sort of), kissing, sweetness 
Summary: There is a peach tree in Spock's garden and it makes him feel strangely nostalgic  
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the setting only the plot is mine. 
Note: You thought I was dead but in fact like the monster from a B-rated monster movie I never really die. I am working on a much longer Spock Prime/McCoy story with reixgaara and it has inspired me to actually write some fanfiction. I wrote this in snatches while I should have been doing other things. Not beta'd sorry everyone. 

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Star Trek Reboot: Team Science

Fandom Squee

+So I saw the Avengers movie about two weeks ago with my brothers. I liked it a lot, I've never been a huge Avengers fan but the movie I thought was excellently done. I went into it assuming I was going to ship Steve/Tony if anyone and walked out totally shipping Banner/Tony and Thor/Loki ::throws up hands:: I don't even know. It has interestingly made me not want to write fanfiction as much as reread large amounts of Norse mythology which is great because a) I love Norse mythology and b) I've already spent the last six months reading Norse mythology and researching Viking age Iceland, so it dovetails nicely. (I may end up writing some fanfiction though) 

+I also discovered the wonderful Joanna Estep, who's fanart for Star Trek I adore, over on Tumbler. She has been doing some kick ass fanart for the Avengers and Thor. She's in a bad fanancial place right now so if you also want to buy a print from her that would be incredible (I plan on buying one and I'm technically destitute at the moment). I'll be doing a separate post about her and opportunities to buy prints of her art later hopefully. 

+Speaking of Star Trek I've been co-writing a long and I think really unique and intriguing Spock Prime/McCoy fic with reixgaara. It's been a really interesting experience for me since I've never co-written anything before or role played a fic and it's a very different kind of writing from anything else I've ever done. I think takes a very different skill set which I might not really have. So yeah all around an interesting, exciting and informative experience. I hope we get an awesome fic out of it and you all like it.  

State of Play

Thing 10: two stages of my editing

so when I get a fic (or original story manuscript) back from a beta reader/editor I go through and make revisions in two stages.

The first stage I deal with all of the spelling/grammar/"this is not the word you wanted"/"this sentence makes no sense" stuff. This is the hardest part of editing for me because it highlights my weakness. Even though I know every writing has these kinds of issues with their stories and this is one part of what an editor does, it always leaves me in a bad place. So I usually just bite the bullet and go through all of those changes in one big sweep.

After that I have to set the document aside, sometimes for a couple days, and forget it exists. I do other things, other writing and generally recover.

The second part is much easier in some ways and definitely more fun for me. That's the part where I go through the comments about characterization or scene or flow. That's were I rewrite whole sections or try and make the character's motivations more clear. That's when I deal with the fact that my character sighs close to thirty times in one story, or that I know exactly what the cottage in the mountains looks like in my mind but never actually described it anywhere in the story. That part of editing is like a challenge for me, where I get to figure out how to work within the parameters I've already set for myself. When I do that kind of editing I can see the story get better, tighter, more fun to read. 

So yes those are my two phases of editing. 
Criminal Minds: but feel alive

Thing 8: Build a relationship with your beta read/editor

I know lots of people who don't use beta readers and that's fine. I person love it when someone beta reads for me though because my editing is extremely poor due to my disabilities. 

One of the most awkward things I think however is that first time someone beta reads something for you. It is awkward because you don't really know them as an editor and they don't really know you as a writer and you're not sure how good they are or how much you can trust their work and they're not sure how you'll take any of it. It gets much less awkward if you work with them again, and hopefully continue to do so. The best relationships I've had with beta readers have been with beta readers who worked with me on a pretty regular basis. It was just, I felt, more pleasant and easier for both of us this way. We developed a relationship with each other.  

I personally really prefer getting to know the people I work with on a story rather then it always being a one time kind of thing. So if I can choose to have the same beta reader more then once, and that first time is good for both of us, I'll definitely choose that over having someone new every time. 
NCIS: save me

Thing 7: You can not please everyone

I've touched on this before but I think it's worth repeating, there are some people out there that are going to hate everything you do. There are also some people out their who will love 99% of everything you do but there is no one who will love a 100% of everything you create. Not your most die hard fan, not your best friend, not you significant other, or your mother. Probably not even you.

I think in fandom, when we write fanfiction, or really do any kind of writing that's out their to be read by random strangers, we want everyone to love everything we do. That's fine I think that's a large part of being human, that just can't be your motivating factor. I've felt the pull, to write Y not because I wanted to but because I thought other people wanted to read it. The truth of the mater is even if you bend over backwards to write exactly what you think other people want to read not everyone will want to read it, not everyone will like it. 

People not liking the same things as you is fine. If they harass you about it that's not fine but in general you can't please everyone a hundred percent of the time. Even you're most die hard friend won't like everything you do for whatever reason. It doesn't mean what you did was bad, it doesn't mean you need to change or they're better then you for liking X while you prefer Y it's just the way things are. 

I've just come to the conclusion that it's better for me to write what I want to write then what I think other people want to read. There is certainly a lot of pressure to conform to the tropes, only write X character this way, or only write Y fandom favorite pairing, or only write sex scenes like this. It's better though, for me, to be fearless like I walked about before, rather then to write something I'm not as into as I could be.