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13 May 2012 @ 06:26 pm
Thing 8: Build a relationship with your beta read/editor  
I know lots of people who don't use beta readers and that's fine. I person love it when someone beta reads for me though because my editing is extremely poor due to my disabilities. 

One of the most awkward things I think however is that first time someone beta reads something for you. It is awkward because you don't really know them as an editor and they don't really know you as a writer and you're not sure how good they are or how much you can trust their work and they're not sure how you'll take any of it. It gets much less awkward if you work with them again, and hopefully continue to do so. The best relationships I've had with beta readers have been with beta readers who worked with me on a pretty regular basis. It was just, I felt, more pleasant and easier for both of us this way. We developed a relationship with each other.  

I personally really prefer getting to know the people I work with on a story rather then it always being a one time kind of thing. So if I can choose to have the same beta reader more then once, and that first time is good for both of us, I'll definitely choose that over having someone new every time.